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hy·per  -  [hahy-per]

1. overexcited. 2. overstimulated. 3. four or more dimensions.

graph·ic -  [graf-ik]

1. giving a clear and effective picture; vivid. 2. written, inscribed, or drawn. 3. depicted in a realistic or vivid manner.

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Launch your company into the 21st Century with a modern website design compatible across all platforms and accessible on all devices.


World Class graphics for all of your needs!  From Logos, Printwork, Product Design, Marketing Materials and much more....  We've got you covered.


With modern day graphics and editing software, we specialize in 3D and Motion Graphics, VFX, Video Editing,  Commercial Ads, Web Ads and much more...


Custom Shopping carts and more.  Give your clients the opportunity to order online and on there smartphones.


From custom Facebook apps that update as your website updates, to Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube Solutions!


Although our websites are initially Search Engine Friendly, there are many more modern techniques to be noticed by all major search engines.


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Brochure Mockup

A recent mockup of a tri-fold brochure made for proofing before getting printed. Get 1,000's of brochures for as little as .10 cents each. [+]


Hello and Welcome to HyperGraphic Designs' new and improved website.  Be sure to explore all of our features and services as we have recently expanded in this modern age of technology.  From websites, printwork, motion graphics and vfx, to text marketing, email marketing, SEO and more... We've got you covered. [+]